Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rain delay?!?.... No way!!!

male White-necked Jacobin digiscoped w/Leica APO Televid 82 m scope & D-Lux 4 camera

Let's face it, all of us don't always have sense enough to get out of the rain! The male White-necked Jacobin above is actually bathing in the rain, and typically - if lightning isn't flying - I tend to just don the rain coat and let 'er rip in a similar manner. Clothes dry and so will I. In the video below I was out of the rain only because I was already on the veranda enjoying Asa Wright's tea time (or more likely rum punch hour) when this short-lived monsoon blew in.

Thanks to Bill Thompson for playing camera man as I demonstrated my favorite feature of the new Ultravid HD binoculars - the Aqua Dura coatings.
When the weather rolls in I can simply leave the bins on the outside of the jacket keeping the lenses free of fog. Then when I'm ready to look at a bird (a wet male Jacobin perhaps) all I have to do is give the binoculars a purposeful flick of the wrist to clear the lens for viewing. Not having to wipe the lens or wait for the lenses to unfog as I'd encountered in the past when I tuck the binos inside the jacket, is a HUGE advantage for the user that isn't going to quit when the weather turns!

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